Wakatobi Solar PV Project Completion

Client      :  Millenium Challenge Account – Indonesia (MCA-I) Capacity :   800 kWp
Period     :  July 2017 – March 2018
Location :  Tomia Island, Wakatobi District, Southeast Sulawesi

IKPT was completed build On-Grid Solar Photovoltaic Electricity  in Tomia island, Wakatobi District- Southeast Sulawesi. The project is aimed at developing 4 On Grid Solar PV power generation system with total capacity of 800kWp, with distribution line and household installation in 5 villages.

With the existence of On-Grid solar PV power generation, it is expected that people can enjoy electricity for 24 hours. Where previously electricity can only be enjoyed 15 hours a day.

Furthermore, the existence of On-Grid solar PV power generation can improve the economy and people’s welfare

This project has been finished successfully and “kept safe man-hours” until completion with “zero accident”.

IKPT as EPC solution provider is very proud to perform and completion of On-Grid Solar Photovoltaic Electricity Project, so called the Green Prosperity Project under MCA-Indonesia and this will complement the reference of the Renewable Energy Project, also specifically IKPT to more experience in Renewable Energy.

Christina Sondang