The NPE Project Succeeded in advancing 2 months in Achieving 7 Million Safe Working Hours

“New Polyethylene 400 KTA New Swing Plant of HDPE, LLDPE and mLLPDPE project or known as NPE Project” entrusted to Toyo Engineering and PT IKPT, on March 30 2017 has reached “7 million safe manhours without lost time Accident (LTA ) “, Then on Thursday, April 4, 2019, at 08.00 – 10.00 at IKPT Cilegon Site, NPE Project held a thanksgiving event for achieving “7 million safe manners without lost time accident “.

This event was opened by Mr. Yasuhiro Hime, CEO of IKPT, in his speech, expressed his gratitude to the entire project team for their hard work so far that they have achieved “7 millions safe manners without lost time accident”

Mr. Yasuhiro Hime recalled that in the celebration of “3 millions safe manhours” in the past year, he estimated that the target of 7 millions of safe manhours will fall in May 2019, but in fact the NPE Project team was able to make it happen in March 2019. This is an achievement boasts of being able to exceed the target by 2 months faster than expected.

All of this can be achieved through hard work and cooperation of the project team who always maintain a high level of awareness to always work in a safe manner and culture by always prioritizing work safety for all workers until finally the “7 millions safe without lost time accident” can be achieved. In addition, Mr. Hime also expressed his gratitude and for achieving the progress of construction work which currently has reached around 89% without Lost Time Accident (LTA).

Likewise, thanks and pride conveyed by Mr. Kullachet, Vice President of CAP as client for the efforts of the project team’s hard work to achieve “7 millions safe manners without lost time accident”. It is hoped that in the future this project can be completed on time as agreed..

The program continued with cutting the cone by Mr. Kullachet and given to Mr. Hime, then together with all the management, both CAP, Toyo, IKPT and all Subcontractors carrying out Ceremonial Kusudama as a symbol of achieving the desired target, namely by breaking Kusudama’s ball in which the ball has a symbol that has reached 7 Million safe working hours.

Continuously handed over certificates from PT CAP represented by Mr. Chakkapong (Project Director) to Toyo representative – IKPT Mr. Herfandi (Project Manager) then resumed by giving merchandise simultaneously from CAP – Mr. Pongsak + Toyo IKPT – Mr. Osamu Chiba to the Subcontractors Management.

After that all Management of CAP, IKPT and Sub-contractors stated their commitment together by signing a joint agreement to continue until the completion of all NPE Project work.

It is a matter of pride for us that the project team can offer the best for IKPT where with all the obstacles when working on the NPE Project, the Project Team can cooperate well with all parties both to the client and subcontractor.

The NPE Project team continues to look for and explore ways to better utilize space and time to work effectively on time and be able to minimize time and without workplace accidents.

Awareness of the importance of a culture of safe working by always prioritizing work safety has been implemented and built since the beginning of this project. Without exception and applies to all lines of “safe culture at work” can have a positive impact on all jobs. In accordance with the NPE Project slogan “NPE Project 100 Safe”. It is hoped that this can be used as an example as a step forward for future projects.

Christina Sondang