Construction of Mini Hydro Power Plant in North Sumatra entering the stage of Groundbreaking

Groundbreaking of Mini Hydro Power Plant (PLTM) construction owned by PT. Citra Multi Energi (CME) was held on May 15, 2018. This PLTM have 2×5 MW capacity, located in Sungai Aek Sumonggo, South Sionom Hudon Village, Parlilitan Subdistrict, Humbang Hasundutan district, North Sumatera.

The groundbreaking ceremony attended by Mr. Humbang Hasundutan Regent represented by Regional Secretary Drs. Tonny Sihombing, M.IP and all stakeholders also local communities. The IKPT-MA Consortium has been trusted as a Civil and Metal Work contractor as well as coordinator of the 18-month EPC Project implementation. The project uses a system closed channel by bringing in GRP pipes 3M from Norway. To maintain plant reliability, CME partnering with Toyo Energy from Japan and Chodai Consultant who has experience in Mini Hydro Plant.

The project got supported by the Japanese government used the JCM (Japan Crediting Mechanism) scheme, which is the CME partnered with Toyo Energy is considered to have done an environmentally friendly project and reduced carbon emissions.

The electricity generated by the power plant will supply to Electricity Company PLN and expected this project could contribute to improve the economy in that region.

For IKPT, this will complement the reference of the New & Renewable Energy Project, after completing Geothermal, Photovoltaic and Biomass Power Plant.

Christina Sondang