“We are always requested to coordinate with lots of staff to solve a problem as we know we share one goal: finishing the construction with certain quality and without any accident.”

IKPT serves various projects, from small to big-scale or packaged projects, sole disciplinary project and multidisciplinary ones with professionalism, cooperativeness, and amicable services with high integrity and strong commitment to HSE excellence.

We are providing one-stop construction service solution to our client’s needs. Highly innovative project management system for complicated construction works shall be strictly applied.

We assist the client in management, design, and construction works on locations for installation processes for, among others, oil and gas, fertilizer, refinery, infrastructure and power plant sectors.

We are fully supported by advanced management systems. We also manage various interfaces with various disciplines and our flow of works is based on the construction execution plan and methods to ensure the flow of works run properly. We able to manage critical path appropriately since it determine successful of project execution.

Based on our proven track record in conducting millions man hours work project, safe work execution is a top priority. We ensure this by providing regular and periodical training and incentive to all field workers as well as ensure that we will meet the entire safety standard in every possible aspect.