Project Management Service

“The most important element in Project Management Services is how to manage people. Our proven track records in managing various project is our comparative advantage in presenting strong leadership that will lead to mutual understanding among stakeholders as well as discipline.”

We guarantee that our PMS is based on international-quality project management frameworks and process. Our project management services cover Project planning and Project risk management. In essence, we are aiming to provide the best facilities for our client.

Our planning adopts the construction and commissioning approach, which includes constructability studies, subcontracting strategy and system turn-over order. We are also implementing the standardized system, equipment and procedures in accordance with the existing industrial standard and with our long experience in order to deliver consistent and sustainable quality for customer satisfaction.

Still, we do believe that leadership and mutual understanding plays the most important role in managing people. IKPT’s seasoned experience for over than 30 years in managing project execution in various sectors, such as oil and gas, petrochemical and infrastructure sectors is the concrete proof for our reliability in leadership and people management.