“Experience is the best teacher. We take the wisdom of the day and turn it into our future value to keep ourselves growing better and better complying with the Quality, Safety, Health, Environment and Security (QSHES) Standard.”

As part of our effort in compensating business demand and better living standard, satisfying the Quality, Safety, Health, Environment and Security (QSHES) standardized conduct is a must in each aspect of engineering, construction, procurement and commissioning in our EPC works.

Training also conducted regularly to ensure that each employee is able to implement standardized HSE conduct based on certified procedure system management OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001. Each of our vendors and subcontractors is required to comply with our QSHES conduct.

We implement the ALARP (As Low As Reasonable Practicable) model for our risk management. And we also ensure that our work plan and execution satisfying the set schedule with the best quality complying with QSHES.

We believe that experience is our best teacher.  Moreover, based on our extensive experiences on the field we found that local-culture approaches, strong leadership, and sincere attitudes are key to get full support and commitments in achieving QSHES conduct rather than merely standardized systems.

Therefore, we know how to deliver the best EPC works attitude that comply with QSHES conducts to our clients and other related stakeholders such as vendors and subcontractors.