Celebration of IKPT’s 36th Anniversary was held in 2 sessions separately, i.e.

  1. Employment Period Appreciation Awards Event on February 22, 2018
  2. The celebration of Anniversary was held on 23 February 2018

Form of Events in this anniversary celebration themed “picnic”, designed like sitting by the beach with cushions of various models and colors. as well as various types of food-drinks served for all employees and guests who attended the event.

Various events were held, such as

  1. Fun Games :
  2. Blind Drawing (by BOD)
  3. Rally Games (oleh Karyawan) :
  • Insert the coin into the designated area
  • Moving marbles with chopsticks
  • Take rubber by using a mouth
  • etc
  1. Photo Booth
  2. Sport Gift to Winners
  3. Various Door Prize
  4. Band

In this year’s celebration, there are other things that are different from previous years, where the invited guests are not only the board of commissioners, but the non-active management also attended in the 36th anniversary celebration of IKPT this year.

Unexpected and unthinkable happiness where is all managements (still active and non active/retirement) sitting and eating together at one table with many stories nostalgic then can met their employees.

The event is packed with a warm and festive look, where all employees can interact with President Director and another Directors

The event lasted until 20:00 pm which closed with Photo session.

Christina Sondang