Blood is one of the most important components present in the body, considering its function as a means of transportation. Lack of blood in the body can spur some diseases ranging from anemia, hypotension, heart attacks, and several other diseases.

Some other cases such as accidents and childbirth are also the cause of a person experiencing a blood shortage due to severe bleeding. This condition necessarily requires related institutions, such as PMI and hospitals, to always have sufficient blood supply.

Blood donation is a voluntary blood supply for others in need. Everyone can become a Donor if it meets the applicable requirements.

Blood donor activities will help the community in need, because it is not necessarily available at Palang Merah Indonesia (Red Cross Indonesia) for all types of blood type.

Based on caring to humanity, IKPT make a decision to work with PMI to organize Blood Donor activities conducted 6 to 12 months each year. In February 2, 2018 in  36th IKPT’s Birthday, IKPT was held a employees Blood Donor for people who is need the bloods. This Blood Donor is themed “Blood Donation IKPT 2018” located at IKPT Office, Multipurpose Floor, South Jakarta.

Christina Sondang