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Ujung Pangkah Gas Development Project

Gas Feed with temp of 85 F and pressure of 700 psig that comes from offshore’s wellhead platform which represent gas 2 phase, in general it consist of Hydrocarbon ( HC) Gas, HC Liquid and H2O. Feed Gas which also contain oil of 23,000 barrel per day (at the condition of oil production) from offshore will go into slug-catcher at the process facility where then it will separate the gas and the liquid (Oil, HC Liquid and H2O). Wet Gas that comes out of slug-catcher contains H2S and CO2 where then the H2S dan CO2 will be taken out by amine absorbs at H2S removal system. While the H2O, it will be remove at TEG dehydration unit by using glycol. Gas Dry will go out from TEG Dehydration unit and go to Gas Exchanger where then it will be funnel to PLN as product from process facility through pipeline of 9 km , that is : Sales Gas with flow rate of: 145 mmscfd.

Profile Project

Project Name :  EPCI of Onshore Processing Facilitiy and Sales Gas Pipeline
Location : Ujung Pangkah, Gresik, East Java
Owner : Amerada Hess (Indonesia-Pangkah) Ltd.
Value :  US$ 40-50 million
Schedule :  Jan 2005 - Oct 2006
Scope of Services :  EPC