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LOI for Onshore Processing Facility and Sales Gas Pipeline - Ujung Pangkah
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Wednesday, 06 April 2011 21:05

LOI for Onshore Processing Facility and Sales Gas Pipeline - Ujung Pangkah


In Jakarta, on March 4th 2005, an LOI (Letter of Intent) was sign between Amerada Hess Indonesia Pangkah Ltd and PT. Inti Karya Persada Tehnik for an EPCI of Onshore Processing Facility and Sales Gas Pipeline di Ujung Pangkah, Gresik. IKPT was represented by Bambang Prasetyo – Director of Services and the client's side was represented by Colin Munro – GM Amerada Hess (Indonesia-Pangkah). 


 Project Data

Project Name:EPCI of Onshore Processing Facility and Sales Gas Pipeline
Location:Ujung Pangkah, Gresik, East Java
Client:Amerada Hess (Indonesia - Pangkah) Ltd.
Owner Estimate:US $ 40 - 50 millions
Schedule:Tender Winner Announcement (January 2005) - 20 months
Scope of Service:EPC
Contractor:IKPT - Amerada Hess (Indonesia-Pangkah) Ltd. (AHI)

 AHI have programmed to develop gas reserves from the Ujung Pangkah Field, located approximately 4 km off the coast of the Ujung Pangkah peninsula in East java. Reservoir fluids will be gathered at the Ujung Pangkah Field wellhead platform and subsequently transported via a 39 km. 18" OD carbon steel subsea pipeline to a new onhsore processing facility (OPF), located North of Gresik. At the OPG, production will be separated and treated and sales quality gas will be exported to the PLN power generation facility at Greasik via a 20" OD Carbon steel onshore sales gas pipeline. The condensate produced will be accumulated in tanks for export in economically sized batches. IKPT Contract for the EPC of the Onshore Process Facilities and Onshore Sales Gas Pipeline. 

The onshore process facility (OPF) will be located on the Gresik area (Maspion Complex) in East Java, North of Surabaya adjacent to the Madura straits. The OPF will receive approximately 120 mmscfd of wet sour gas from the Ujung Pangkah field and will be required to separate hydrocarbon liquids, remove H2S, dry the gas and control the hydrocarbon dew point to meet delivery specifications. 

EPCI of Onshore Processing Facilities and the Sales Gas Pipeline to PLN in Gresik, cover the following items: Gas Treating Unit, Dehydration unit, Hydrocarbon-liquid-recovery, Metering System, Produced Water, Hydrocarbon Drains, Flare, Storage, Effluent Water Treatment, Utility i.e.: electrical, Fire Water, Instrument Air & Nitrogen, H2S Removal and Disposal system, TEG Dehydration system, Heating Medium system, Condensate Stabilizing system, Emergency Genset, Portable Water, Fuel Gas System, Diesel Fuel system, Pipeline (offshore or onshore)Major Equipment: Pressure Vessel: 32 units, Tank: 7 units, Heat Exchanger: 18 units, Filter: 11 items, Pumps: 20 items, Compressor: 14 Items, Package: 16 Items, Miscellaneous: 9 Items.