Urea’s 1st Drop of PUSRI – 2B Project by TOYO – IKPT

IKPT as a group company of TOYO – JAPAN with proudly to informed, that PUSRI-2B have achieved target Overall Progress 100%. Certificate of MA-2 (MA of Urea Unit) already approved and signed by OWNER as of 21/Sep. IKPT has started the Urea Plant by introducing upstream feed (currently 80% steam and ammonia) from existing plant with the support of  PUSRI to achieve on-spec Urea Production on dated 30 September 2016 (1.20 AM).

Urea’s 1st Drop also already achieved on dated 30/Sep (4.00. PM)  with feedstocks (NH3 and CO2) and Utilities supplied from OWNER Existing Plant (OEP).

Steam quantity of 38.1 metric ton/hr. is required for Urea’s 1st drop.  (Where actual required is 80 metric ton /hour should be available for Demo Run 110 % and 115 % Prilling).

The currently activities is continuing  increasing capacity and  stabilization process until 70%-80% load operation and 100 % stabilization load up.

100% load operation will be achieved awaiting  supply NH3  steam from STG Boiler for 46,9 kg/cm2.

TOYO has plan to declare provisional Plant Acceptance while waiting the achievement of 100% load operation.

Christina Sondang